Cohabitate: to live or exist together or in company.


This shop is continuously influenced by the desire for a comfortable home, a well thought out living space, and also thought on our place in this world and our ability to exist and cohabitate among others as well as in nature. We are all connected. We all effect our surroundings and in turn our  surroundings affect us. Nature is nurture, and so is a comfortable sofa, a good movie, and a glass of wine. Our home is where we gather, share spaces and ideas, and also where we clear our minds, find comfort, and recharge so we can set off again. 
We source pieces from local thrift shops, estate sales and also goods found from travel in this world. Select  home items that allow us to live a  simple but thoughtful life with more time to enjoy the small details and big adventures. As much a we love a comfortable living space, our highest value and focus is on family, travel and being outdoors. 
Less is more, but at the same time life’s meanings are in all the details. A rug or a sofa can have it’s own story, remind you of person or adventure, and even take you back to that place.  Even a color can make you think of a natural space. Green is the color of the grass and the forrest, orange the color of the desert sand or an ocean sunset.  We hope that each piece, each plant, each bag adds to the enjoyment of your everyday life.
About Marianne: 
Originally form the Southeast, I spent the first half of my life in the same Georgia farmhouse that I still think of as home. I moved out west after college and am settled, for now, in Denver, Colorado. For me, there is always the deep rooted desire for both a home and the call of the unknown. My shop is a little of both. I am continually balancing my want for a more comfortable home and then unknown adventure and the freedom of travel and open spaces.
I am always thinking about how to minimize. How the effect of mass consumption leaves us feeling soulless and weighted down. The feeling of always wanting the next new thing, always wanting more. I suppose a shop of housewares is in opposition of this idea, but I also think that it's all the little things that give our life meaning and feeling in our everyday . In addition, I enjoy the same idea of “slow minimal living” and this includes surrounding yourself with wares and objects that are authentic and unique. To live a more thoughtful life in turn leads to a more simple and happy life.
The collaboration of travel and housewares is also embedded deep within me. All my early childhood travel experiences involved road trips that centered around home tours and antiquing up the east coast. I guess everything always comes full circle in some way.:) 
When I started traveling more on my own, I also started to collect and see more items that I wanted to share with friends and family.  I love the practice of both minimalist and a thoughtful collection of a worldly, lively home environment. A few pieces that have a story, that are one of a kind. The story may be of a family member who owned that couch before you, or of the person who weaved the rug that now decorates your floor. Special pieces that that have been touched by real hands, that come from a land far away or generations past all make your home and life unique and authentic.


This is the birth of the Cohabitate Co.  brand. I hope you enjoy.


In addition...What's with all the Cactus?


Shortly after I moved out West, I took my first visit to the desert in southern Utah, I was mesmerized. I had never seen anything like it. It felt like I had come across some big secret that many of my friends and family back East had never even made mention of, outside of Grand Canyon. It was a magical place. I was awestruck and in love. I still feel that way on every desert adventure ..10 years later. It is a spacial place, the plants, animals and humans that exist there too. Cactus came into the picture on some of these and other travel excursions. Surviving in some of the harshest conditions all around planet, with minimal water and extreme heat, they are peculiar blooming oddities, large and small aliens of the desert. Simply put, they are just really cool, and can bring some major magic into your own living space.